Our Work


The creation of media and communication, community forums, and cultural events are our platform in which we share constructive information on social issues.

Our visual communication serves as a tool that encapsulates the research done on a social issue in order to have tangible and diverse information to be shared with the mass population. The primary media source will be short and feature length films. The aim is to provide a deeper understanding and knowledge on pertinent social issues, allowing for proper assessment and compromise allowing solutions to occur. The films will merge the opinions of academia, leaders and the community’s concerns, creating a broader picture and a constructive environment for emerging solutions to social issues.

Our community forums promote critical-constructive dialogue by creating a comfortable environment where individuals can have an open discussion on social issues. The forums allow for people to listen and seek to understand without the sole purpose of proving a point. The goal is not to skim the surface, but to examine the deep-rooted causes and often, misinformed beliefs that are fueling polarized sides. The community forums focus on honest and constructive dialogue that dispel misinformation and provide a comfortable environment to reach understanding. As an extension of our dialogue and community involvement we will be creating a curriculum that will serve as a source for the short documentaries pertaining to each social issue.

Our cultural events celebrate diversity by encouraging artistic expression and dialogue that ignite curiosity, in an engaging-positive environment allowing individuals to see the world through different cultural and ethnic lenses. The aim is to advocate cultural diversity allowing people to become familiar with other cultures and recognize the differences and similarities that they each share through our human culture. Creating such interactions lessens individuals’ fear of the unknown and allows them to advance and embrace humanity.


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