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It all started in 2008 when Deep Focus Digital Cinema was formed in Arizona by the local filmmaker Lourdes Lee Vasquez. While filming her first documentary, “The Immigration Paradox”, she became concerned with the fear and hate that was swirling in the community. She realized that the polarization was a result of some sources of information, that ultimately created division, mis-communication and lack of dialogue. In essence, she decided to be proactive and direct her energy and skills to work towards a more fruitful and positive approach to social issues, by creating constructive communication that would lead our community to effective action. In 2010 more filmmakers, artist, professionals and community members became involved with the nonprofit. Together they created a sturdier platform where they could proactively build fulfilling and exciting communities and relationships. Thus, subsequently the name was changed to a more fitting one, Embracing Humanity.

Their will for action derives from the love for humanity, their search for knowledge and understanding of other worldviews, and finding that human connection that will allow for a collective advancement of humanity.

Our vision is to foster more vibrant and proactive communities that will allow the progression of our humanity; by presently constructing what our future is going to be and smile at the legacy we’ll leave.

Our mission is to present constructive and diverse information and actively dialogue on social issues through films, forums and cultural events.

Our values are Integrity, Constructive Dialogue, Education, Magnanimity, Diversity, Quality & Love


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